How it all began...

In 2010, the Graham family relocated from Alaska to Allen and was surprised to learn there was not a theatre in Allen.   When they asked about it they were told if they wanted one, they should start one and so they did.

They posted flyers at the library and around town, inviting people interested in theatre to a meeting.  Five people showed up.  This core group aligned with the Allen Arts Alliance to perform skits at the Texas Stampede and gain exposure to the community.  A call for open auditions was set for the Arts Alliance offices, but no one had a key, so auditions were held on the porch. 

It was this open air audition that our group was formed:  Gena, a drama teacher from Alaska, Robin, an award winning make-up artist, Nancy, who was crossing off items from her bucket list, and Jeremy, a professional stage combat actor with hometown ties to Allen. From those humble beginnings to shows at The Harvest Church and the Allen Christian Church to our new home, it's been a fast and furious adventure.  We are grateful for everyone who has played a part!