Be part of our Show Playbill!

 Do you have a business or know someone who does?

Want to reach families in and around Allen?
Here’s the ideal way to do it:

Advertise With ACT!

Show playbills are not only keepsakes,
but directories of local businesses who support ACT.

We acknowledge those businesses at each performance
and encourage our patrons to use their services and products.

 Buy an ad for one show OR the entire season

Your ad will reach over 500 Allen-Lucas-McKinney
Households in one show or over 3000 in a season.

Playbill Ad Size Options

(not to scale)Ad Size Chart

Sample Ads

(not to scale)

Nancy Ad Longest

Jeremy Ad with Box

Sanitary Yard



1 Show


6 Shows

  • Business Card
  • Quarter Page
  • Half Page
  • Full Page










Purchase Ad

 For questions email Public Relations

Or to submit your ad through the mail:

Allen's Community Theatre
1210 East Main Street #300
Allen, TX 75002

Form, artwork and payment  must be received
3 weeks before show opening
 to be included in the current playbill.

If the 3 week print deadline has elapsed, your Ad will appear in the next show's playbill.